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Student Features

  • List of Employers and company websites to prepare for the fair
  • Connections with recruiters they spoke with listed in a student portal
  • View Recruiter Profiles that the students met to view career paths, skills, and contact information
  • No App Download Necessary
  • Online QR Code Access that is available on any browser on smartphones, tablets, or can be printed
  • Easy LinkedIn Login, all students have to do to sign up is login with LinkedIn. We do the heavy lifting of their information getting
  • Upload Resumes and save trees. Students will never have to print career fair resume

Recruiter Features

  • Cloud Based Dashboard that shows the student’s pictures, GPA, resume, LinkedIn profile, and more
  • Quickly Sort to find the right candidates
  • Organized and Beautiful, no more sifting through paper resumes
  • Access to Previous Fairs with the cloud powering this data
  • Simplify Exchanges with a free QR scanner on the App Store or Google Play
  • Reach More Students at career fairs and afterwards
  • Easy LinkedIn Login, sign in with LinkedIn and you are done

University Features

  • Valuable Data Access to any and all of your career fairs
  • Cloud Based Data Collection to ensure availability
  • Simple and Clear Visualizations to immediately gain valuable insights
  • Determine Value Faster with our data, know top companies, industries, students, majors, and more
  • Information on Students and Recruiters, helping universities see into their fairs
  • Multiple Party Access allowing your career center to be informed and working together