Career Fair Analytics

Place your students, wow your recruiters, and improve your fairs.

Moving Career Fairs Forward

ScanFactor moves career fairs forward by creating a seamless process for students/attendees and recruiters to connect and share information. This is all accomplished by using QR code technology and the ScanFactor iOS or Android applications. The valuable by-product of these ScanFactor interactions is that the host of the fair (university, community, or company) can collect data analytics on their fair and thus understand it and improve it.

Event host analytics on mac

University Benefits

Use ScanFactor to better prepare your students, to check them in, to impress your recruiters, and to get real-time insights into what is happening at your fair.

Data Accessibility

Enjoy access to previous fairs' data analytics to find trends and see improvement.

Simple and Clear Visualizations

Our data dashboards are easy to understand. You also can access the raw data to do your own analyses.

No More Name Tags

Tired of printing name tags or using Sharpies and stickers? Digital ScanFactor badges do so much more.

Determine Top Companies

Find the companies who are most actively recruiting your students to be sure and invite them back.

I thought the software was really cool; the easiness of it was fantastic. I really liked the idea and would love it for all future career fairs

-University Recruiter

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