Who is ScanFactor for?

ScanFactor is for students, recruiters and universities.

Students will use to login with their LinkedIn profiles and upload their resume. Students will also be able to access their unique QR code to be scanned at upcoming recruiting events. Don’t worry students, no app download necessary! Access your QR code on any browser on your phone or print it off beforehand. By scanning QR codes, recruiters will be able to access student’s names, see their picture, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, major, and GPA.

Recruiters will login with their LinkedIn profiles on to see all career fair events and find the ones they will attend. Before the actual event, recruiters will download our scanner application from the App Store or Google Play. They will use their phones or tablets to scan the QR codes of all the students that they speak with. After the fair, they will log in to to view a dashboard of all the students they spoke with and view their names, faces, resumes, majors, LinkedIn profiles, and GPA.

Universities use to create upcoming career fair events that recruiters and students will be able to view, RSVP to, and prepare for. After the career fairs, universities will be able to access key information surrounding the fairs, students, and companies.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

On the Sign In portal, click the link next to “Forgot Password?” and enter your email.

What if I can't sign in with LinkedIn?

Some users are unable to sign in with LinkedIn because they haven't confirmed their email address with LinkedIn. To confirm your LinkedIn email address, please visit Verifying Your Email Address on LinkedIn.

Student Questions

My school isn’t listed on the dropdown menus, what should I do?

We apologize if your university is not currently listed in our dropdown menus, please email us at and we will add your school and notify you of the change.

I want my university to use ScanFactor, how can I request a ScanFactor representative to get in touch with my school?

Let us know if you would like your school to use ScanFactor and improve the career fair process for everyone involved in it, email us at

I am a student, where can I get my QR code?

Log in to your profile and on the left hand menu bar, click on “Generate Badge.” There you will be able to access your QR code to be scanned at the next career fair.

Recruiter Questions

Do I need a QR code?

Nope, you are the one who will be scanning the QR codes of the students at the event. You just need to download the ScanFactor app from your favorite app store and use that to scan the QR codes of the students you meet.

University Questions

How much does ScanFactor cost?

Please refer to our Pricing page here

Any other questions, please email